Confidence tips

I think this is a very important part of life. Having the confidence to achieve what you are after. I started life being a very shy young man and had to gain confidence gradually over the years throw putting myself out there and facing my fears.

I think that is the best way you can gain more confidence. Here is an example. Ever been afraid to speak on the phone? I think we have all been there. Well how did you overcome that fear and have confidence on the phone? Well, if you have got to that stage, then I’d bet my bottom dollar that it was exposure. The more calls you had to make or take, the easier it got and the more confident you became. This can apply to everything! This is basically what confidence is technically, read here to find out more about the science of it.

It also works the other way. Why are you so unconfident in a certain thing. Perhaps you have been knocked down really hard in the past when trying it and therefore you have been set back further. For example if your first phone call to a phone bill company went really badly and the customer service was really rude to you, then you will find it harder to make more calls as your limited experience gives you a bad feeling.

The same rule applies, you just need to expose yourself more to overcome that fear. Here is a really good blog on how to become more confident. However I would say at this point that some fears can be too extreme and you may want to look at therapy if that is the case to help you get past it.

It’s a simple example I have given but it really does apply to wide range of situations within your life. Gain that confidence today and believe in yourself.

Watch out for my next blog post, I am planning to chat about a very unique subject that might surprise a lot of you!